Charicature by James Gillray

ANTI-SACCHARRITES, or JOHN BULL and his family leaving off the use of SUGAR
Charicature by James Gillray (1757-1815)
Etching on paper, 1792

This is 18th century political satirist James Gillray’s response to the boycott of sugar, as part of the campaign for the abolition of the slave trade.

Pictured are King George III, Queen Charlotte, and their daughters.

The King is saying ‘O delicious! Delicious!’ as he sips his tea without sugar.

The Queen is encouraging her daughters to drink the unsweetened tea: ‘O, my dear Creatures, do but Taste it! You can’t think how nice it is without sugar; and then think how much Work you’ll save the poor Blackamoors by leaving off the use of it! And above all, remember how much expence (sic) it will save your poor Papa! O it’s charming cooling Drink.

James Gillray was the leading satirist of his time. His work ridiculed characters across the political spectrum, often depicting King George and the royal family.

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