Map of Africa

Map of Africa

This version, with the dedication cartouche blank, is probably from John Ogilby's 1670 Description and complete History of Africa, translated from Montanus' Dutch original.

Map of Africae

From:- "J. Blaeus Grooten Atlas, Oft Werelt-Beschryving..Joan Blaeu"

Map of Ethiopia

A copy of Blaeu's much copied 1642 map of the same name but with different cartouches.

Map of France from 1852

Map of France

Map of France showing distribution of languages and dialects

Map of Hispanola

In 1654 Cromwell's forces attempted to take Hispaniola from the Spanish

Map of Holland

Map of the Netherlands published in Antwerp in 1570.

Map of Jamaica

The publisher and geographer John Ogilby used existing works to compile a series of atlases

Map of North Africa

This map is from a facsimile edition of the so-called 'Catalan Atlas'

Map of Portugal

A chart from Anthony Ashley's English edition of 'The Mariners Mirrour'.

Map of Spain

From:- "J. Blaeus Grooten Atlas, Oft Werelt-Beschryving.