USI – Glossary Of Terms

The Glossary lists key historical and contemporary terms related to the transatlantic slave trade. These words are used across the website and particularly in the Themes and Use of language.

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There are currently 25 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter E.
Eastern slave trade
a trade in enslaved people, mainly from Africa, to the Middle East, North Africa and India; also known as the Oriental slave trade
Edo people are members of an ethnic group from areas of Nigeria, in West Africa who share a common culture and language
Efik people are members of an ethnic group from areas of Nigeria, in West Africa who share a common culture and language
being set free, or granted rights equal to others who already enjoy them (including allowing non-Anglicans to sit in Parliament and have other civic rights); the freeing of enslaved people from slavery
A symbol, design or figure used as an identifying mark
To cause to become part of a system
To leave a country or region to live elsewhere
To bring about force
granting the right to vote
To cut or carve on a surface
Enlightenment, The
name given to European 18th century period/movement characterized by literal rationalism in scientific and philosophical thought
Enslaved African/Enslaved Person
a person devoid of freedom and personal rights, who is the held in servitude and considered the property of another whether by capture, purchase or birth
to make a slave of a person; being held in captivity, servitude
Fairness or justness in dealing between people
traditionally a large area of land, used for agriculture, centred on a large house, owned by one person or family
A product where by a design has been eaten into a hard surface
Following accepted rules of conduct
A member of a minority group who keeps the customs, language or social ideas of the group
Centered or focused on Europe or European peoples, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence
of, or according to, the Christian gospel; often conservative Protestant Christianity
Clear to the sight or mind
To enlarge a fact or a statement beyond what is true
To shut or keep out
A person living in a foreign country, especially one who has renounced his/her own country
Exploitative labour
Labour in which workers are used unfairly for the owner’s own advantage