USI – Glossary Of Terms

The Glossary lists key historical and contemporary terms related to the transatlantic slave trade. These words are used across the website and particularly in the Themes and Use of language.

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There are currently 9 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter H.
An island country in the Caribbean, formerly St Dominigue
Hausa people are members of an ethnic group from areas of Nigeria and Niger, in West Africa, who share a common culture and language
system of grades or status ranked above the other
a major island in the Caribbean, containing the two sovereign states of the Dominican Republic and Haiti
from the Greek word meaning 'burnt offering' it is primarily used to refer to the Nazi German extermination of Jewish (and other) people in central Europe during World War II
Homeward Passage
the third stage in the transatlantic slave trade with ships carrying items grown or made in the Caribbean or the Americas, such as sugar or tobacco, to Europe to sell
uniform, all of the same kind
Human rights
standards or expectations held to be common to all
A person who works towards achieving human rights