USI – Glossary Of Terms

The Glossary lists key historical and contemporary terms related to the transatlantic slave trade. These words are used across the website and particularly in the Themes and Use of language.

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There are currently 8 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter G.
Gang labour
Workers who toiled in the fields collectively all doing the same task at the same time
the planned or ordered killing of a racial or cultural group
Global citizens
Citizens of Earth who share in a collective responsibility for taking care of each other and our common environment
Gold Coast
the name given to an area of the West African coast by early European traders who traded for gold
Guerrilla warfare
fighting by independently acting groups for a broadly political cause
an area at the West African coast, sometimes referred to as the Guinea Coast; a gold coin issued in 1663 taking its name from there; worth 21 old shillings (£1.05 in decimal currency)
Country on the northern coast of South America